Domains for Sale

I have worked in the cycling industry for many years, and I had owned more than 1,000 domains. Most of them were sold with the companies I have sold. But some are left.

Now there are some domains that I might be willing to sell for a good offer.

Some are currently in use, others are not. Those being in use are only for sale, if a good offer is given. Why? Kind of cleaning up my jobs, because I bought a vintage campervan and will be traveling more and working less. Feel free to help me doing so ;)

Please don’t even bother me with anything below a 4 digit offer. Good domains may even be worth much more.

All domains are grouped and thus not always in alphabetical order. Please note that typos and errors may have occurred.

Interested? Drop me an email to (mail at myfirstname mylastname dot com).

Thanks, Peter Eich

Cycling related domains

Other domains


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